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Hand building and glazing workshops (longer sessions to make bigger or more objects)

Please note: when booking the full workshop, you will choose only the handbuilding session date. The price that you'll pay is for both the handbuilding and the glazing session (full workshop). After, please click on the button below to choose the date of your glazing session (free of charge). If you want you can also write me to set the date of your glazing session together, there are plenty of them.

Important note for the glazing session! Please only book if you already booked the full hand building & glazing workshop.
When booking, please leave a minimum of 10 days between the first and second sessions. This is very important because your project will not be ready to be worked on otherwise.


In 2 longer sessions (2 times 4 hours) learn how to make your own ceramic objects and how to glaze them. 


• In the first session you will design your piece, choose between the different colours of clay, and finally make your piece. 
This bigger amount of time will allow you to try out different techniques, and really rework your object to make it perfect. Also, with more time you'll be able to create more pieces to bring back home, or work on a bigger object such as a vase or a jug for example.


I will fire it once and ca. 10 days after it will be ready for glazing.

• In the second session, you will finalise your project by colouring and vitrifying your ceramic piece. Most importantly, you will make it waterproof so that it can be safely used for food. You will be able to choose from over 20 glaze colours!


After the glazing, I’ll pop it in the fire once more and you can come pick it up within 10 days.


This offer includes:

- 2 x 4 hours guided sessions (1 x hand-building & 1 x glazing)

- access to all tools, material, unlimited amount of clay, firings, choice between lots of glazing colors

- possibility to make lots of small pieces of your choice

And you'll go home with nice objects made by your hands ! You'll see, eating or drinking in your own vessel gives a great feeling :)


Each class has a max number of 4 students, so you will receive a lot of personalised assistance and advice.

Last things to know: 

All classes are suitable for every level.

The classes can be taught in English, German or French. I will instruct in the language that works best for everyone.


The class will take place in my ceramic studio, on Senefelderstraße 24, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment, please cancel or rebook 6 days before the class to get a full refund.

In case the class does not reach the minimum number of 2 participants, the class will not happen and the fee refunded to the participant. 

By booking this class you assure that you have a private or commercial liability insurance.

All the photos show pieces made by participants :)

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