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Lucie Sotty is a ceramist based between the south of France, where she is originally from, and Berlin. Her journey into ceramics began in childhood when she learned the fundamentals in her native region. Prior to dedicating herself entirely to ceramics, Lucie worked as an exhibition curator, forging close collaborations with various artists. This experience not only honed her craft but also introduced her to innovative techniques and an artistic, rather than traditional, approach. In her studio, each piece is meticulously shaped by hand, employing a variety of hand building methods and the potter's wheel. The thoughtful selection of glazes adds depth and texture, resulting in captivating patterns.

Lucie Sotty's ceramics carry the essence of the Mediterranean culture that shaped her upbringing. Additionally, the world of contemporary art, particularly painting, profoundly influences her work. She draws from a wide range of artistic methods, techniques, and sources of inspiration, weaving them together to craft unique and imaginative pieces. Her creations explore shapes and vibrant colors, resulting in playful and joyful pieces.

If you have any special projects or ideas (i.e. wedding presents, collaborations) you would like to do, please do no hesitate to contact me and I'll be glad to it discuss with you.


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Senefelderstraße 24, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

521 chemin de la Maunière, 83400 Hyères.


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